The  LMS

Built for Success

The training platform created to support the

development of excellent teams that can help you

create a smarter organization.

Competency Based Training

Define Competency/Compliance frameworks, Learning Paths and Learning Plans to Individuas well as for Roles.

Improved Learner Engagement

Responsive & User friendly interface with automated Course Completion Certificates, Gamification, Badges, Leaderboards

Seamless External Integration

Communicate with a wide range of other applications that your Organization employs, using well matured APIs 

Amazing Features of iLearn

Ready-to-learn eLearning Library

Self-paced courses with interactive content with comprehensive presentations, end of module case study videos and chapter check up multiple choice quizzes..


Training Management

Let your employees take ownership of the skills and behaviors required of them in their roles, that aligns with organizational goals and strategies. Manage training providers, training schedules, approval stages for enrollments, reminders, etc and stay way from the hustle-bustles in maintaining them manually. 

Advanced Competency Management

Well developed training doesn’t just develop skills, it also helps inform employees about the values and strategy of the organization. The in-built competency management system lets you define mandated training, track compliance status, and reporting in one place.

Performance Management

Extend the LMS to manage performance reviews and appraisals, with in-built tools to define KPIs, goals and trackers, and 360 degree feedback system!.

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Over 145 self paced courses perfectly aligned with training needs
and objectives of every individual's roles in an organisation.

Why Choose iLearn?

Blended Learning Platform

Create, publish and manage self-paced courses, schedule and deliver live webinars, face-to-face training and workshops, to deliver ultimate learning experience for your training initiatives.

Out-of-the-Box Reports

Comprehensive reports on courses progress, learning plans, grades, login activities and access logs. Most accessed Course Ranking(Most active courses based on visits, enrolments and completions).

No coding or technical skills required

Build a centralized and highly organized blended learning platform for workplaces and educational institutes with zero coding knowledge.

On Demand Android and IOS Mobile Application

Make learning potentially available across multiple platforms to facilitate on-the-go learning while leveraging the native functionalities of the mobile phones.

ChatGPT  Integration

Learners can leverage the power of ChatGPT to generate human-like text responses on any topic they come across in the course, perform language translation, and more.

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