Introducing iLearn Mobile Apps!

Expand the reach and flexibility of your LMS enabling your learners learn anytime, anywhere—both online and offline. You can be confident that learners will always have access to the specific training they need to handle any assignment if you put your training in their pocket. It is a mobile learning solution that is accessible for free on compatible iOS and Android smartphones and simple to use for all types of learners.

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Why Choose Mobile Apps for LMS?

Boost Productivity

Establish this LMS app as the go-to resource for quick solutions to your learners' questions to save them time.

Improve Learning Flexibility

Give your learners the tools they need to complete their training on the go so they can fit more learning into their day.

Drive Engagement

Increase engagement by making content better for mobile learners.


iLearn supports uninterrupted learning by allowing LMS training to be completed offline. Download all types of course contents for offline learning. SCORM courses can also be done offline. Interactions will be tracked internally and synchronized when users are back online.

Get your own branded Android and IOS Mobile Apps Now!!!

Let your learners access the trainings on-the-go, get matched with mentors, participate in mentoring relationships, and track their success.