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Appreciative Inquiry
Learn the shift from looking at problems and deficiencies and instead focusing on strengths and successes. It is a tool for change, and it will strengthen relationships throughout your business.
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Customer Service
Build a strong skill set including in-person and over the phone techniques, dealing with difficult customers, and generating return business.
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Teamwork and Team Building
Explore the different aspects of a team, as well as ways that they can become a top-notch team performer. Understand what makes up a team and what factors into being a successful team and team member.
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Business Acumen
Business acumen is all about seeing the big picture and recognizing that all decisions no matter how small can have an effect on the bottom line. Increase financial literacy and improve business sense.
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Change Management
Change is a constant in many of our lives. All around us, technologies, processes, people, ideas, and methods often change, affecting the way we perform daily tasks and live our lives.
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Customer Support
<p><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us"></span></p><p><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">With our “Non-Telephone Customer Support”</span><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us"> </span><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">workshop, participants will discover the new opportunities in
customer support services via the internet, but also how to use these opportunities
to their advantage.</span></p><br />
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Civility In The Workplace
<p><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">To address the growing problem of incivility in
the work setting, this workshop introduces the concept of civility, its
importance to a company, as well as its typical causes and effects. </span><br /></p>
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Business Etiquette
<p><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">This course examines the basics, most
importantly to be considerate of others, dress/appearance, the workplace versus
social situations, business meetings, proper introductions and 'the handshake',
conversation skills/small talk, cultural differences affecting international
business opportunities, dealing with interruptions, and proper business email
and telephone etiquette.</span><br /></p>
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Networking - Outside the Company
<p>Networking – according to Merriam Webster is “the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically:  the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business”. <br /></p>
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Business Ethics Skills
<p>A company's ethics will determine its reputation. Good business ethics are essential for the long-term success of an organization. <br /></p>
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Conflict Resolution
<p>Wherever two or more people come together, there is bound to be conflict. This course will give participants a seven-step conflict resolution process that they can use and modify to resolve conflict disputes of any size. <br /></p>
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The Power of Networking - Within the Company
<p>Networking has become a crucial part of the world today. Most people are aware of external networking and primarily focus on that. <br /></p>
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Respect in the Workplace
<p>A respectful work environment is essential to the overall success of your team, as well as contribution to a stronger work reputation<br /></p>
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Safety In The Workplace
<p>Workplace safety is the responsibility of everyone in an organization. Companies have legal obligations to meet certain safety requirements, but many go further than the minimum obligations. <br /></p>
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Cyber Security
<p>Every organization is responsible for ensuring cybersecurity. The ability to protect its information systems from impairment or even theft is essential to success. <br /></p>
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Delivering Constructive Criticism
<p>Delivering Constructive Criticism is one of the most challenging things for anyone. Through this workshop your participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills that will assist them with this challenging task<br /></p>
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Developing Corporate Behavior
<p>With this workshop your participants will be able to develop a business environment that reflects a positive set of values and ethics<br /></p>
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Handling a Challenging Customer
<p>Customer service is a necessary position in the job world today.  It helps companies give customers what they want and what they need. <br /></p>
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Risk Assessment and Management
<p>It is not possible to control or manage 100% of risk, but knowing what do before, during, and after an event will mitigate the damage and harm. <br /></p>
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Team Building For Managers
<p>Team building is an important part of the work experience. It is not only applicable to your work life, but also transfers over to your personal and social life<br /></p>
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Responsibility in the Workplace
<p>One of the most
critical traits to look for in an employee is responsibility. Responsible employees drive the
success of an organization, whether for profit or not for profit.
This workshop will introduce to you the ideas of responsibility and the traits that define a
responsible employee.<br /></p>
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