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Administrative Office Procedures
Understand how an Administrative Office Procedure binder demonstrates professionalism and efficiency in an organization or office setting. It is also a marvelous instrument for quick reference and utilization.
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Administrative Support
Learn the core skills to utilize resources efficiently, manage your time wisely, communicate effectively, and collaborate with others skillfully. Applying these concepts every day is the key to changing and adopting new behaviors in a short amount of time.
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Archiving and Records Management
Learn how to classify records, define and maintain different systems, and develop a keen understanding of the importance of records management. Correct records keeping will not only offer liability protection; it will also increase efficiency and productivity. 
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Basic Bookkeeping
Numbers! Numbers! Numbers! Wherever you go, you are bound to see them.  For those of you who have already recognized and appreciate the impact that numbers actually have on just about everything, you deserve a cookie.
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Business Writing
Learn the basic writing concepts (such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation) and an overview of the most common business documents. These basic skills will provide that extra benefit in the business world that a lot of people are losing.
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Collaborative Business Writing
Learn the knowledge and skills to collaborate with others and create that important document. Understand the types of collaboration, and ways to improve them through certain tools and processes.
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Social Media In The Workplace
Understanding Social Media is about communicating the right way. Social media channels are becoming the main form of communication and this workshop will realize how Social media and the Workplace can work together.
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Executive and Personal Assistants
Learn what it takes to effectively manage a schedule, organize a meeting, and even how to be a successful gatekeeper. Being an Executive or Personal Assistant takes a special skill set and this workshop will provide participants with the necessary tools.
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Meeting Management
Learn the basic tools you need to initiate and manage successful meetings. Learn planning and leading techniques that will give you the confidence to run a meeting that will engage the attendees and leave a positive and lasting impression. 
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Organizational Skills
Learn how to encounter improved productivity, better management, and an overall increase in professional growth. Stop looking for those important items, and start knowing where they are by getting organized.
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Supply Chain Management
Understand how Supply Chain Management can improve and help almost any type of business. Learn how to be on target to lower costs, improving efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction. 
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Accountability in the Workplace
<p><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">This course will provide you with informative
tools and practical strategies that can be used to help empower the team to
work towards achieving the benefits of accountability.</span><br /></p>
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